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SubjectRe: MTD and Adapter ROMs
On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, David Woodhouse wrote:
> said:
>> Well, just having documentation on how all the spooge in drivers/mtd
>> actually goes together would go along way to helping people use it.
>Bah. That takes all the fun out of it.

Well, you explain where the f*** module "cfi" is located. It took me a
few hours to figure out what module is, in fact, "cfi".

>> I think it'll be as "simple" as adding the ID to jedec.c. Load chips/
>> *, maps/hpt-rom (doctored physmap to enable the rom and use it's
>> location), and then see if I can get mtdchar to drive the mess.
>Basically right. Once your map driver has successfully probed the chip and
>registered the MTD device, you should be able to open /dev/mtd0 and read,
>write and ioctl(MEMERASE) it. Not necessarily in that order.

The question becomes, what section of the rom should not be erased? If I
erase the entire 128k and then reset the system before getting a good image
back in there, I'm betting it'll disappear from the bus. It's already
screwed up to the point it no longer shows up in PCI space as itself -- which
was entertaining to see the bad BIOS post and then not find itself :-)

00:03.0 Class ff80: 11ff:00ff (rev 03)
(that's supposed to be 1103:0004)

I'm sure the HPT users of the world will love me if I manage to flash the
SOB from linux.


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