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Subjectre: hamachi (GNIC-II) and 2.4.9-ac9

If I replace the 2.4.9-ac9 hamachi.c file with the one from the stock RH
7.1 kernel distribution it works fine on the P-III and the alpha. I
even get better performance with 2.4.9-ac9 than with the stock kernel
(340 Mb/s vs. 325 Mb/s). There were a lot of changes in hamachi.c
between the two versions. Insmoding the driver with debug=10 showed
these 4 error numbers:
0f32e812 (CRC) 0f32c812 (CRC) 0bc25012 00d30812 (CRC). From reading the
source, three of those point to CRC, the other isn't mentioned. I don't
have the hamachi data sheets to look up any other possible errors. I'm
quite willing to test any fixes if anyone has any ideas.
Lawrence MacIntyre Center for Information Infrastructure Technology
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