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SubjectRe: AIC + RAID1 error? (was: Re: aic7xxx errors)
>Okay, I had it again today:

You need to be running with aic7xxx=verbose for these messages to be
useful. In the 6.2.2 driver release I've turned these messages on
by default.

>Kernel was 2.4.9ac9 with (new) AIC driver 6.2.1, compiled with "Maximum
>Number of TCQ Commands per Device" set to 64.

This is 8 times the tag load the old driver defaults to.

>So I compiled the same kernel with the old AIC driver, and it works fine.

Which may be due to a lighter load on the drive. Its hard to say without
the verbose messages and the full dmesg for the machine. You're IBM drive
may be running the "if I miss a seek, I fall off the bus" firmware where
the bug is only triggered under high load. Send the dmesg output and we'll

>I just guess when
>saying that it seems to me that the driver developers were focused on
>up-to-date cards but not the older ones.

This isn't true.

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