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SubjectRe: Toshiba IDE DMA support
>From Alex Deucher on Friday, 07 September, 2001:
>I just received the documention for the IDE conrollers
>in may older Toshiba notebooks. These controllers are
>capable of DMA, but at the moment do not have it
>implemented. I know nothing about programming IDE
>drivers, so if anyone is interested in developing
>these drivers shoot me an email and I can send you the
>docs and help with testing (I have several notebooks
>to test on). I'd like to get into it myself, but just
>don't have the time.

Heh. "No time." Sounds familiar. :)
I don't have the knoff-hoff (know-how) either, but I'd like
to know what models you have info on. I'd be very interested
in any documentation you might have on the Satellite 1605CDS.
At the very least, I like to collect info so that it's available
later on.
I have DMA enabled on my Satellite 1605CDS, but only via a hack.
If I enable ALi 15xx support in the kernel, I find that I can't
suspend my laptop to disk (it hands off to BIOS well, but then
BIOS freezes when it starts to save the "Extended" memory.)
So, what I do is build an ALi-enabled kernel, then reboot to
a non-ALi-enabled kernel. For some reason, it saves this
DMA-enabled info between soft reboots. So, since it's Linux
and I essentially never have to hard-reboot (or even give it
the 3-finger salute) this works fairly well. It's only when
it's actually been shut off or hard rebooted (via the switch)
that DMA gets disabled again.
I'd like to fix the ALi support so I can suspend to disk, but I
don't know where to begin. I don't have the specs.
Where did you get this info? I'd be very curious what else we
can get out.

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The only OS projects that stand a chance [against Microsoft] are
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