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SubjectRe: __alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed.
On September 7, 2001 03:06 pm, Martin MOKREJ? wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > On September 4, 2001 03:11 pm, Martin MOKREJ? wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > I'm getting the above error on 2.4.9 kernel with kernel HIGHMEM option
> > > enabled to 2GB, 2x Intel PentiumIII. The machine has 1GB RAM
> > > physically. Althougj I've found many report to linux-kernel list during
> > > past months, not a real solution. Maybe only:
> > >
> >
> > Try 2.4.10-pre4.
> Wow, I've just now realized that I get two types of error message:
> __alloc_pages: 0-order allocatiocation failed (gfp=0x70/1).
> __alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x70/1).
> We are using LVM and ReiserFS, HIGMEM kernel.
> Maybe it helps to track it down. Any ideas?

printk has a limited amount of space for buffering messages, a ring buffer
(sort of) and will start dropping text when the buffer fills up, so as not
to slow the kernel down and/or interfere with interrupts. So that is why
two lines of output got combined above, they are all the same message.

The gfp=0x70/1 identifies the failure as GFP_NOIO, PF_MEMALLOC, which by
process of eliminate, comes from alloc_bounce_page. Marcelo's patch for
bounce buffer allocation is *not* in 2.4.10-pre4, so we haven't proved
anything yet.

You can get the patch from Marcelo's post on lkml on Aug 22 under the
subject "Re: With Daniel Phillips Patch (was: aic7xxx with 2.4.9 on
7899P)". Note the correction posted in his next message in the thread.
It applies to 2.4.9. Please try it and see if these failures go away.

This patch *should* be in the main tree soon. Some testing by you would
help a lot.

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