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SubjectBlocking v/s Non-blocking NFS (and iSCSI) file reads/writes.

I'm working on writing a program that will be used to stress test
NFS and iSCSI based file systems. I am currently using a non-threaded,
and non-forking architecture based on non-blocking IO and select() to
do my network traffic generation. I would like to be able to fit the
file-testing code in the same framework. However, I'm not sure I can
make this model work with network based file systems....

So, does select() work for NFS reads? (IE: I open a file-descriptor
on an NFS mounted file system, and start reading. The network goes
down. Will select() start not marking that file as read/write-able?)

If I set the file descriptor to be O_NONBLOCK, will it return immediately
if the network is down (regardless of what select told me)?

I have the same questions about an iSCSI based file system...

Does anyone have any suggestions for reading material on this topic,
other than kernel source and patches?


Ben Greear <> <>
President of Candela Technologies Inc
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