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SubjectRequest for data on K7 optimizations.
I'm trying to get some more solidified data in to one place to look at, 
so far everything's pretty scattered around, and a good amount of
reliable information is difficult to find.

I'd appreciate it if everyone experiencing these K7 optimization problems
could send me the following information privately, anyone not
experiencing problems that has a few minutes to spare, I'd appreciate it
if you could also send the information, and specify that you haven't had
any problems:

Motherboard + chipset
Front Side Bus speed
CPU speed + multiplier
out put of "cat /proc/cpuinfo"
if avalible, RAM type and speed (both clock and CAS latency)
if avalible, PSU wattage, and amperage on all outputs.

Hopefully I can spot a pattern that hasn't been readily apparent before.

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