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Subject(solved) memcpy to videoram eats too much CPU on ATI cards
On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 12:01:27AM +0200, Peter Surda wrote:
> So the conclusion is basically that the card can't chew data that fast and I
> should use busmastering instead of memcpy (and other drivers should do that
> too because "hidden load" occurs anyway). I'm working on it.
Just to end this thread in a victorous manner ;-), thanks to Michel Dänzer
<> and me, there is now a working implementation of
busmastered video transfers for the r128 driver, and it has been submitted to
all relevant lists and maintainers. It indeed solved the problem, CPU time
eaten by video transfers is negligible and DVD and "DivX ;-)" playback was
never so smooth. With software-only DVD decoder, watching fullscreen DVD
leaves 50-60% CPU time idle on a Duron 650, even on action-packed scenes. If
I catch someone claiming again that Linux isn't suitable for multimedia, I can
just laugh now :-).


Peter Surda (Shurdeek) <>, ICQ 10236103, +436505122023

Dudes! May the Open Source be with you.
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