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SubjectRe: Serial Ports
On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, D. Stimits wrote:

> Make sure your bios is set to "not plug-n-play aware". I have a
> Supermicro Dual P3 board that works fine (actually, 2) with serial mice.
> In the case of the modem serial port, I have to use setserial to get the
> characteristics I want, plus the setserial options seem to require
> speed_normal and skip_test to work correctly. Incidentally, if your
> board is based on the i840 chipset, you'll have to run noapic or it will
> die under some circumstances, such as heavy disk load, or rapid
> mount/umount of any filesystem (even a cdrom).
> D. Stimits,

I have noticed that serial ports change IRQ to either 3 or 4. There is no
reason for this behavior. I have created a perl script to create a log
containing the irqs assigned and their ioports. Is there anything else I
could log that might unmask the problem?

So far if the serials are assigned to IRQ 4 then the sync with the palm
pilot doesn't work (/dev/pilot = /dev/ttyS0). If its IRQ 3 then it does.


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