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SubjectRe: K7/Athlon optimizations again. (The sacrifices worked??) (VIA KT133A chipset)
Nicholas Knight wrote:

> I'd be curious if it's an issue with only one brand or release of BIOS
> then.


I am one of the person reporting success with some BIOS version over
another. I have been experimenting some more and found the following:

Board: MSI K7T Turbo (MS-6330)
CPU: Athlon 1.2 GHz
Video: NVidia GF2
Kernel: 2.4.6ac5 with the patch Kurt Garloff posted here some while ago
(can't find the right reference)

Ranking from very unstable to stable:
Very unstable: 2.4.6 plain, Award V2.7 Bios (i.e. without the
Southbridge bug solved the official VIA way)
Unstable: 2.4.6ac5 with or without Kurt's patch, Award V2.7 Bios
Stable (up to now): 2.4.6ac5 with Kurt's patch and Award V2.8 Bios.

The key factor seemed to be the BIOS. The MSI website says that the
following things changed between release 2.7 and 2.8:
- Fix STR Fail on MS-6330Lite.
- Fix 3Dmark 2001 sometimes halt
- Fix K7T Turbo Limited cannot adjust vcore

Only the second fix seems applicable to my mobo, but the description
does not give a clue.

I hope that someone can distill something useful out of this. I am of
course willing to try some other combination of parameters if this would
help finding the source of the problem.


Gerbrand van der Zouw

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