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Subject[PATCH] 2.4.9-ac9 NTFS 1.1.18 update
Hello Alan,

Please apply attached patched (bzipped since 150KiB otherwise) for the next
-ac release. Thanks.

This is a major update of NTFS and it fixes all known to me bugs in the
read support on UP. (I haven't tested SMP in a while but it used to crash
under heavy load.) - If you are running UP and were experiencing problems
with read support, _please_ try this and if you still see _any_ problems,
please report them (again). Thanks a lot!

Write support is massively updated but still nowhere near safe. It gets a
lot further and can do a lot more things than it used to but there are
still many bugs to go... - If you do try it, remember to download the
linux-ntfs package from sourceforge ( and to run
the included ntfsfix utility AFTER unmounting and BEFORE rebooting into
Windows or corruption is almost guaranteed.

Detailed change log between 1.1.17 and 1.1.18 (changelog for previous
version is in Documentation/filesystems/ntfs.txt at the bottom of the file):

- Enhanced & bug fixed cluster deallocation (race fixes, etc.)
- Complete rewrite of cluster allocation, now race free.
- Fixed several bugs in the attribute modification codepaths.
- Hopefully fixed bug where the first sectors of some people's partitions
would be overwritten by the mft. And in general fixed up mft extension code
a bit (still incomplete though).
- Introduce splice_runlist() to allow generic splicing of two run lists
into one.
- MFT zone is now implemented. [Stage 2 of 3; only lack dynamic growing of
mft zone but that is AFAIK not even done by Windows, and the overhead would
be so large that it is probably not worth doing at all, so Stage 3 might
never happen...]
- Complete rewrite of $MFT extension and ntfs inode allocation code.
- Made the NTFS driver initialization string show the compile options used
(i.e. whether read-only or read-write, whether a module, and whether with
debug support).
- Modify ntfs_fill_mft_header() to set all fields and to accept more arguments.
- Get rid of superfluous add_mft_header().
- Get rid of some unused code.
- Fixed several bugs in and generally cleaned up ntfs_readdir,
ntfs_getdir_unsorted(), and ntfs_printcb. Now they spew out huge amounts of
debug output if debugging is enabled. This will be removed once I know that
this works for everyone. (Obviously only if compiled with debug support.)
- ntfs_readdir now shows hidden files. The only files that are now hidden
are the first 16 inodes (i.e. the hard coded system files), which is
consistent with Windows NT4. Using the show_sys_files mount option, these
files are then shown, too.
- Fixed the displaying of the "." and ".." directories. We still cannot
cope with more than 65536 files in a directory index block which is not a
problem and we now cannot cope with more than 32766 directory index blocks
which should not be a problem unless you have a directory with an insanely
large number of files in it. The exact number depends on the length of the
file names of the directory entries and on the size of the dircetory index
- Fixed all problems with the last file in a directory (e.g. the last file
should no longer disappear and tab completion should work). If there are
still disappearing files or any other problems with the last file in a
directory, please report them! Thanks.
- Rewrote ntfs_extend_attr() to use the new cluster allocator and the
freshly introduced splice_runlists() function. This simplified
ntfs_extend_attr() a lot which in turn seems to have removed one or more
bugs from it.
- Probably other things I have forgotten... (-;
- Removed dollar signs from the names in the system file enumeration.
Apparently gcc doesn't support dollar signs on PPC architecture. (Andrzej

Best regards,


"Nothing succeeds like success." - Alexandre Dumas
Anton Altaparmakov <aia21 at> (replace at with @)
Linux NTFS Maintainer / WWW:
ICQ: 8561279 / WWW:[unhandled content-type:application/octet-stream]
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