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SubjectRe: kernel panic, a cry for help schrieb:
> ive started with a rescue disk, /sbin/init is present, lilo.conf seems fine,
> where might i go next?

Is /sbin/init executable ?

Check it with ls:
ls -l /sbin/init should get you
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 26876 Jun 21 20:58 /sbin/init

Is it the correct file ?
Compare it against another maschine or copy it from there (same
Distribution, save the old file)

Try giving the Kernel a parameter at bootime: at the LILO-Prompt, press
<tab>, then enter the imagename followed by the parameter, e.g. "linux
The kernel should boot up and give you a single (root-) shell.

Uses the kernel the right root-device ?
If not, give it to him at boottime like the init=Stuff: "root=/dev/hda1"
says the kernel to mount /dev/hda1 as rootdevice ("/") and search on
this device for "init".


Frank Schneider, <SPATZ1@T-ONLINE.DE>.
Microsoft isn't the answer.
Microsoft is the question, and the answer is NO.
... -.-
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