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I have an Iwill KK266 (VIAKT133A chipset, latest BIOS) with an unlocked but not overclocked Athlon 950 (AMD Thunderbird, A4, Model 4). The system DOES suffer the Athlon optimisation problem.

I ran burnK7, burnK7 in linux 2.4.8ac11 (optimised for K6) and WinME for over 3 hours with no problems.

For ?fun? I also tried running 50 mulitiple instances (in total) of a mix of burnK7, burnMMX, burnBX, burnP6 and burnK6 in linux (with different memory settings for burnBX and burnMMX), while accessing floppy, CD-ROM, 2xHDDs, my SBLive card and my Geforce 2 to try and load my voltages... but again completely stable, if a bit... well very... jerky!.

I think the burnK7 program does not test enough K7 specific instruction sets to find the problem.

Jamal Conway
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