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SubjectRe: getpeereid() for Linux
> Would anyone like to give me a helping hand in implementing the
> getpeereid() syscall for Linux? See the following page for the
> documentation of the OpenBSD implementation:
> I think I could work out the kernel data structures to gather the
> relevant data from, however, I won't get all the locking stuff right.
> OTOH, is there any chance that the addition of such a syscall would be
> accepted?

There's no need. The equivalent functionality can already be
implemented in userspace.


#include <sys/socket.h>

uid_t getpeereuid(int sd)
struct ucred cred;
int len = sizeof (cred);

if (getsockopt(sd,SOL_SOCKET,SO_PEERCRED,&cred,&len))
return -1;

return cred.uid;


The same can be done for gid, and even pid.

Yes, Linux rules.

Michael Bacarella <>
Technical Staff / System Development,
New York Connect.Net, Ltd.
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