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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.9-ac6
    > Would it not be possible with your scheme to package a closed source
    > driver in an open source wrapper driver and then defeat your tainting
    > technique.

    It would also be theoretically possible for an evil driver merchant
    to twiddle the flag back via /dev/kmem (for instance). Or load the
    module by manipulation of /dev/kmem. Or for the bug-reporting user
    to patch their kernel so that the flag never got set and hence
    disguise the presence of an nvidia driver (etc.) in a misguided
    attempt to wangle support out of Alan et al.

    However, I understood the point of the exercize to be a first pass
    hueristic to flag bug reports from systems running modules for
    which Alan and others haven't got, and can't get the source. It's
    not going to be perfect (see above), but equally doesn't need to be.
    I'm sure users do all sorts of other 'well don't do that, then'
    stuff which wastes the time of those reading bug reports.

    Alex Bligh
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