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    SubjectRe: aic7xxx errors
    Antonio Miguel Trindade schrieb:
    > Em Quarta 05 Setembro 2001 10:04, Frank Schneider escreveu:
    > > Olaf Zaplinski schrieb:
    > >
    > > I had this effect too here (RH7.1, Kernel 2.4.3), but i put it on a
    > > wrong termination of the LVD careful if you have LVD-Drives
    > > with a "Termination"-Jumper...(e.g. IBM DGHS18V)...this Termination is
    > > only usable if you use the drive as Single Ended SCSI-UW, *not* if you
    > > use the drive i a true LVD-environment !
    > >
    > > I learnt this the hard way, because i used this "Termination"-jumper and
    > > the system bootet without problems and ran about 2 weeks...then the
    > > above errors occured, followed by system crashes....after reading the
    > > original ibm-docs, and not the oem-reseller-crap, the reason was clear.
    > >
    > According to IBM specs, _no LVD drive has terminators built-in_... I have
    > several servers with LVD drives (all IBM) and none of them has terminators,
    > even in SE mode. You always have to use an external terminator...

    That was it what i thought too...but if you get a copied sheet from your
    vendor, and there a jumper is named "Termination on" and the sheet also
    says you can use this, then you probably think the disk has a
    LVD-Terminator build-in...although such a terminator is quite simple,
    some resistors, perhaps a small chip, not would be possible to
    integrate it in the drive logic...

    But as said, my DGHS-Disk has a build-in terminator for use with
    UW-buses...the bad thing is, that if you "terminate" the LVD-bus with
    this, it seems to work...for some time...i had "/" on it and a part of
    my /home-RAID5, and it run 2 weeks....


    Frank Schneider, <SPATZ1@T-ONLINE.DE>.
    Microsoft isn't the answer.
    Microsoft is the question, and the answer is NO.
    ... -.-
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