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SubjectRe: USB device not accepting new address
Pete Zaitcev wrote:

> Interesting. I just dealt with a bug which is most definitely
> a hardware problem, and the owner swore that "it worked with
> 2.4.3-12 perfectly" (it was the last errata that we shipped).
> The thing (a Kaweth compatible Ethernet) was found NOT to work
> on earlier kernels reliably either. Such things do happen:
> something stops working just in time.
> What regressions did you do? Did you run 2.4.7-ac _after_
> it broke?

I've just tried all -ac1 kernels from 2.4.5-ac1 to 2.4.9-ac1
and the problem exists with all of them. So it would appear that
it didn't work reliably with earlier kernels either. I find it
interesting however, that it is much harder to trigger in
earlier kernels and that it doesn't happen every time.

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