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SubjectRe: [RFD] readonly/read-write semantics

> > > Read-only is more complex - in addition to mount side ("does anyone want
> > > it to be r/w") there is a filesystem side ("does fs agree to be r/w")...
> >
> > How about, say, a reiserfs mounted r/o on a shared partition (loopback
> > over nfs) ? If it contains errors, maybe 2 "clients" will attempt to
> > rollback at the same time. Is the solution to never mount, even r/o,
> > remote journalling fs ?
> ??? Rollback is purely local thing, so NFS client doesn't matter at all.
> And nfsd is just an application running on server, whether it's a kernel
> thread or a normal process.

Notice he said *loopback* over nfs [i.e. mount /nfs/xyzzy -o loop,ro -t
reiserfs]. Or think nbd.

And yes, being able to mount reiserfs without replaying log is usefull.

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