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SubjectRe: nfs client serious problems under 2.2.20pre8/9
Tuesday, September 04, 2001, 6:18:49 AM, Ethan Benson <> wrote:
EB> I have encountered a serious problem with nfs under 2.2.20pre8 and
EB> pre9.
EB> after some ammount of time (2 weeks under pre8, only a few hours under
EB> pre9) most/all processes accessing an nfs filesystem go into
EB> unkillable disk sleep, and the kernel starts spewing:
EB> kernel: nfs: task 22509 can't get a request slot
EB> over and over again endlessly. since processes using the filesystem
EB> are unkillable i am unable to even forcabily umount the problematic
EB> filesystem, seemingly the only way restore order is shutdown -r now :(

Looks like another argument against hard NFS mounts to me.
Does anybody knows why NFS hard mounts exist?
Is there any case when intr mounts is worse than hard ones?
Best regards,

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