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SubjectRe: Should I use Linux to develop driver for specialized ISA card?
Roger Larsson wrote:

> 1) Why shouldn't the low-latency patches work for another architecture?
> Andrew Morton might be interested to fix other architectures too.
> (but most patches are not in architecture specific code)
> 2) Montavistas reschedulable kernel is a very interesting approach, newly
> released an update by Robert Love
> (there are still some spikes, but the floor is smooth)
> But note you with both approaches you want to run the latency critical process
> with a higher priority, and probably with the memory locked down.
> See example code (latencytest) at:
> (but there is no need to run at the maximum possible priority since your
> process will be alone anyway...)

Just a data point here -

The Andrew Morton patches have worked well for
me here - I test it often with quake 3 arena, and am
currently on 2.4.10-pre4 -

I was never successful in getting the kernel to
compile and run with any of the the other low
latency patches floating around -



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