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SubjectRe: Failure to mount root fs ...
Patrick Allaire schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I am currently trying to boot for a DiscOnChip with mtd drivers. When I boot
> the system stop with the following message : "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to
> mount root fs on 03:05" !
> I know that o3:05 mean : /dev/hda5. HTis is where I did compile my kernel
> ... but now the kernel is on /dev/nftla1 ... but the lilo.conf on this
> device is configured to nftla1 and I did run lilo??? so I dont know where
> the kernel take this information about boot ing on /dev/hda5 ??? I

The Kernel gets this info at compile-time, it is only overridable by a
kernel-argument ("root=..."), this is what lilo does.

If you want to change this so called "root-device" inside the kernel,
you should take a look at the tool "rdev" and its man-page.

I had the same problem some time ago as i wanted to build a
boot-diskette without any loader like lilo or loadlin, etc.

As the kernel contains an i386 bootsector, it should be able to boot
itself if it is copied on a diskette and the bios jumps to its
begin...but then you cannot say the kernel, where the root-filesystem
is, so you have to change the root-device inside the compiled kernel,
and this does "rdev".

Unfortunately, it did not work for me, so i switched back to
loadlin...:-((...but i tried it only one time, perhaps *i* made a
mistake and not the tool...:-)


Frank Schneider, <SPATZ1@T-ONLINE.DE>.
Microsoft isn't the answer.
Microsoft is the question, and the answer is NO.
... -.-
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