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SubjectRe: [SOLVED + PATCH]: documented Oops running big-endian reiserfs on parisc architecture
On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Ulrich Weigand wrote:

> Jeff Mahoney wrote:
> > Are the S/390 asm/unaligned.h versions broken, or is the ReiserFS code
> doing
> > something not planned for? It's a 16-bit member, at a 16-bit alignment
> > in the structure. The structure itself need not be aligned in any
> > particular manner as it is read directly from disk, and is a packed
> structure.
> The S/390 unaligned.h macros are just direct assignments because the
> S/390 hardware normally *allows* unaligned accesses just fine.
> It is only *atomic* accesses (those implemented using the S/390
> compare-and-swap instruction) that need to be word aligned; this includes
> the atomic bit operations that reiserfs appears to be using.

Aren't their some other "must align" instructions like CVB? Or have they
all been relaxed...


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