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    SubjectWrong BogoMIPS on alpha
    Recently the bogomips measurement has gone all haywire.  Every once in a
    while when I boot up the bogomips measurement will be absurly high (i.e.
    5 Terahertz), with obvious associated problems. This happens in recent
    kernels with both gcc-2.96-81 (redhat) and egcs-2.91.66. It does not
    happen with early 2.4 kernels or 2.2 kernels. It does not happen all
    the time. It never happens from a cold boot, and (almost) always
    happens in a warm reboot. In particular, MILO (which is a stripped-down
    linux 2.0 kernel that loads the real kernel) always measures the
    bogomips correctly immediately before loading a new kernel that measures
    it incorrectly.

    The system is:
    Alpha LX164 (21164 chip) at 600MHz
    Kernels 2.4.7-2.4.9.

    -- Bob

    Bob McElrath (
    Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Physics
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