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Subjectrmap3 test results (fwd)
"  root wrote:"
>From root Tue Sep 4 15:35:00 2001
Subject: rmap3 test results
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 15:35:00 +0000 (UTC)
X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.5 PL6]
Content-Length: 2710

Hello, guys here are some long-run results under different loads.
actually i`d better limit my ram from 24M to 12 or 16M, but it is
done the way it is done...

* -j results have 4 of `em because of occasional sig11`s
* each test was done 7 times and the least with the most were thrown away
* on -j rmap3 significantly wins on system time

=========[ vanilla ac12 ]=========
LOAD == -j1 LOAD == -j4 LOAD == -j6
real 1m1.215s 1m2.360s 1m3.162s
real 1m1.390s 1m2.727s 1m3.568s
real 1m1.193s 1m2.553s 1m3.566s
real 1m1.573s 1m2.801s 1m3.625s
real 1m1.350s 1m2.279s 1m3.511s
sys 0m11.480s 0m12.250s 0m11.820s
sys 0m11.500s 0m12.430s 0m12.050s
sys 0m11.280s 0m12.270s 0m12.590s
sys 0m11.350s 0m11.830s 0m12.760s
sys 0m11.310s 0m11.770s 0m12.360s

=========[ ac12 - rmap3 ]=========
LOAD == -j1 LOAD == -j4 LOAD == -j6
real 1m2.435s 1m2.891s 1m3.699s
real 1m2.293s 1m2.402s 1m3.498s
real 1m2.055s 1m2.850s 1m3.633s
real 1m1.893s 1m2.566s 1m3.507s
real 1m1.814s 1m2.686s 1m3.726s
sys 0m11.840s 0m12.020s 0m12.530s
sys 0m11.650s 0m11.840s 0m12.390s
sys 0m11.490s 0m11.850s 0m12.530s
sys 0m11.770s 0m11.920s 0m12.330s
sys 0m11.690s 0m11.920s 0m12.270s

=========[ vanilla ac12 ]=========
LOAD == -j8 LOAD == -j10 LOAD == -j
real 1m5.139s 1m6.224s 9m27.874s
real 1m4.823s 1m6.522s 10m9.898s
real 1m4.832s 1m6.164s 9m54.544s
real 1m4.624s 1m7.004s 9m49.767s
real 1m4.715s 1m6.629s
sys 0m12.720s 0m13.480s 0m37.710s
sys 0m12.930s 0m13.770s 0m37.160s
sys 0m12.620s 0m13.340s 0m39.990s
sys 0m12.680s 0m13.890s 0m37.710s
sys 0m12.780s 0m13.810s

=========[ ac12 - rmap3 ]=========
LOAD == -j8 LOAD == -j10 LOAD == -j
real 1m5.211s 1m6.937s 10m37.020s
real 1m5.414s 1m6.894s 10m46.712s
real 1m5.055s 1m6.381s 10m1.204s
real 1m5.237s 1m6.590s 10m25.298s
real 1m5.161s 1m6.571s
sys 0m13.460s 0m13.430s 0m34.590s
sys 0m13.340s 0m13.630s 0m33.700s
sys 0m13.260s 0m13.670s 0m33.560s
sys 0m13.140s 0m13.760s 0m35.130s
sys 0m13.160s 0m13.350s


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