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Subjectbug in 2.4.9 - ACPI driver

I just traced down a bug in the acpi driver.
I have a toshiba 2805-S402 laptop and I just
got a bug crash.

The interrupt handler in drivers/acpi/ospm/ec/ecgpe.c: ec_gpe_handler
calls acpi_os_queue_for_execution
in drivers/acpi/os.c which calls acpi_os_callocate
which eventually calls kmalloc with the GFP_KERNEL flag.
This of course should not be called like this in an
interrupt handler!

I currently changed the allocate to use the GFP_ATOMIC instead,
but this acpi_os_callocate and acpi_os_allocate are used
else where, and I don't think this is a proper fix.
there probably should be some sort of acpi_os_allocate_int
and acpi_os_callocate_int for interrupts to use, but
I'm not familiar enough with this driver to know what
to touch.


-- Steve.

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