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Subject/proc/net/tcp && udp formats
Is the format of these two files fixed? I think there
was talk on the files in /proc on the list a while ago,
but there seemed to be no resolution as to that format
was going to be sought in the future.

I ask because in ferris I parse these files to get a
"directory" of sockets, from which soon one will be
able to "create" a new socket.

Also, where is the 'st' state enum defined for this file?
I'd like to look it up and provide EA for it too.


Also as an RFC on any ideas for improvements that others may
have, I take the following

$ head -2 /proc/net/tcp
sl local_address rem_address st tx_queue rx_queue \
tr tm->when retrnsmt uid timeout inode
0: 6300A8C0:008B 00000000:0000 0A 00000000:00000000 \
00:00000000 00000000 0 0 2571091 1 c90db7e0 300 0 0 2 -1

And generate a context with EA in ferris:

./ls --root-context-class=socket \
--show-columns="name,local_address,local-ip,local-port,remote-ip,remote-port,path,local-hostname,ea-names" \
--ferris-logging-off /tcp

name local_address local-ip local-port \
remote-ip remote-port path local-hostname ea-names

0 6300A8C0:008B 139 \ 0 /tcp/0 myhost attribute-count,dss,dss1,ea-names,head,head-radix,inode,local-hostname,local-ip,local-port,local_address,md2,md4,md5,mdc2,name,path,rem_address,remote-hostname,remote-ip,remote-port,retrnsmt,ripemd160,rx_queue,sha,sha1,sl,st,subcontext-count,timeout,tm->when,tr,tx_queue,uid,

where ea-names are all the attributes for this fake file. I basically take
every line and make a fake file for it, and add new EA for ip, reverse lookups,
and port in decimal. Sorry about the formatting...
I could maybe send CSV for future posts :|

is that you ferrese?

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