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SubjectRe: lpr to HP laserjet stalls
On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 02:21:31PM +0300, Michael Ben-Gershon wrote:

> Please excuse my ignorance, but if it detects the IRQ and does not use it,
> how is it possible to set up interrupt-driven mode?

For interrupt-driven mode: irq=auto dma=nofifo
For PIO mode: irq=auto dma=none
For DMA mode: irq=auto dma=auto

You need to check the 'dmesg' output after parport_pc has loaded to
see exactly what it will use though (i.e. whether it has detected
usable hardware).

The line that goes 'parport0: PC-style at 0x378 (0x778)' is the
important one. Ignore the stuff in [brackets] at the end; if an
interrupt is mentioned it is using it; if a DMA channel is mentioned,
it is using it; and if it says 'using FIFO' then it's using the FIFO
with programmed IO (rather than DMA).

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