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SubjectRe: [RFD] readonly/read-write semantics

>> 1) I want to see files open for write have nothing to do with it. Unix
>> open/close is not a transaction, it's just a connection. Some
>> manage to use open/close as a transaction, but we're seeing less and
>> of that as more sophisticated facilities for transactions become
>> How many times have we all been frustrated trying to remount read only
>> some log file that hasn't been written to for hours is open for write?
>> A file write is in progress when a write() system call hasn't returned,
>> when the file is open for write.
>Uh-oh... How about shared mappings?

It's always shared mappings, isn't it? :-)

Virtual memory access to the file is even easier, though. A write in
progress is an individual store to virtual memory. The only way you could
even see it is if a page fault is in progress. So the most you would need
to wait for in going into the hard "read only" state I defined is for any
page I/O to complete. And for the "no new writes" state, you just write
protect all the pages (and any new ones that fault in too).

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