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SubjectRe: Status of the VIA KT133a and 2.4.x debacle?
Patrick Chase wrote:

> Are you enabling or disabling bank interleaving with the new BIOS?

As it turned out, the oopses are not correlated with the bank
interleaving. I can turn the feature on and off and system stability
remains the same (which is good enough to write this mail under X and
compile a kernel).
The other features that this BIOS upgrade (Award v. 2.9) includes are
(from the MSI site):

-Add Bank Interleave item in the BIOS Chipset setup
-Adjust Vcore Voltage Sensitivity on Hardware Monitor
-Show CPU L1 and L2 cache size
-Don't Display Ghz for AMD K7 CPU
-Fixed that WD WD400BB-00AUA1 HDD fail in FDISK with nVidia Geforce2 AGP Card

In fact I do have a nVidia Geforce2 card. Another hypothesis is that the
last fix, also fixes the oopses.

Tomorrow I will flash the BIOS back to 2.7 and see if I get the system
back to the previous, unstable state.


Gerbrand van der Zouw

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