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SubjectRe: Lost TCP retransmission timer
On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 06:36:35PM +0400, wrote:
> Lots? I see only about 24K of data transmitted in both your samples.

:) Okay, "lots" is relative. If you only telnet in and exit right
away, you won't see it.

> Actually, the problem is more or less clear from your /proc/net/tcp.
> You use some funny device or netfilter plugin, which leak memory.
> You can look into 7th column of /proc/net/tcp to estimate amount of leaked
> buffers. When it reaches ~15, connection stalls. Seems, it raises
> monotonically, so that it looks like all the buffers leak.
> What is output device?

ncr885e, which I believe I am the de facto maintainer of... Dan Cox
wrote it while he was working for Synergy Microsystems. When he quit,
I was hired to replace him. Anyone else using this driver? I have a
patch for it that fixes some other things (currently only in the
LinuxPPC tree) but not this.

Thanks for the help, I think this is my problem to fix now.

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