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SubjectRe: Should I use Linux to develop driver for specialized ISA card?
Roger Larsson wrote:
> On Tuesday den 4 September 2001 18:24, Christopher Friesen wrote:
> > Fred wrote:
> > > I'm curious, Alan, Why? I'm a hardware developer, and I would have
> > > assumed that linux would have been ideal for real time / embedded
> > > projects? (routers / controllers / etc.) Is there, for instance, a reason
> > > to suspect that linux would not be able to respond to interrupts at say
> > > 8Khz?
> > > of course I know nothing of rtlinux so I'll read.
> >
> > I'm involved in a project where we are using linux in an embedded
> > application. We've got a gig of ram, no hard drives, no video, and the only
> > I/O is serial, ethernet and fiberchannel.
> >
> > We have a realtime process that tries to run every 50ms. We're seeing
> > actual worst-case scheduling latencies upwards of 300-400ms.

> 1) Why shouldn't the low-latency patches work for another architecture?
> Andrew Morton might be interested to fix other architectures too.
> (but most patches are not in architecture specific code)

Well, a while back I took a look at the low latency patch and saw a bunch of
arch-specific files being modified so I assumed that it wouldn't do much on a
different architecture. I may have been wrong. I guess its time for me to do
some testing.


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