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SubjectRe: lpr to HP laserjet stalls
Tim Waugh wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 04:41:22PM +0300, Michael Ben-Gershon wrote:
> > Building it as a module meant I didn't have to reboot for every time
> > I wanted to retest it with different parameters.
> I understand. But I'm looking at the differences between a broken
> system and a working system. It seems from what you say to be:
> - Parport built as modules
> So it seems as though it's either one of these, or the combination.

The modules side could possibly be explained by a possible h/w clash, with
the printer support loaded later than something which it may be clashing
with if loaded first - although I am a bit out of my depth in terms of
my understanding of the kernel boot process here. However, what is
interesting is that I originally had the problems when I upgraded to
the 2.4 kernel (and RH 7.1). I subsequently upgraded the h/w from a
PII 333 on a Tyan m/b to a P4 1.5G on an Asus m/b. The former was a mixed
PCI/ISA board, with both types of cards installed, whereas the latter
was all PCI. I had the same printer problem on both boards with kernel 2.4,
which makes the possibility of a h/w clash being the cause a bit remote.

The 2 changes above (I have not yet had a chance to try each in isolation)
fixed the problem.

Michael Ben-Gershon
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