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Subject[OT] New Anti-Terrorism Law makes "hacking" punishable by life in prison
"M. Edward Borasky" wrote:

> 2. The Linux community should *not* believe that we are less vulnerable than
> Microsoft! We are less vulnerable *now* only because Linux is not as
> widespread as Windows.

OK, the obvious question:

If apache is 60% of the market and IIS is 25%
(and I have heard that apache on Linux is about
33% of the web server market) how do you see
that as windows/iis being more popular than the
linux/apache platform? and yet, windows/iis has
the lions share of vulnerabilities - your arguments
lie in tatters....

> Were Linux, say, half of the market, the
> vulnerability would be equal. The difference is strictly the number of
> available hosts for these parasitic codes, not anything inherent in the
> details of Windows or Linux, or in the organizational mechanisms (corporate
> giant vs. "brutal meritocracy", closed source vs. open source, etc.).

I think Unix's long history of multiuser, networked
operation gives it quite a bit more sophistication in
areas of security, as opposed to windows, a single
user system which has in the past few years
become widely networked.

I'm not saying Linux/Unix users should rest on their
laurels or be lulled into a sense of false security, but
come on, let's at least be realistic about the very real
advantages of Unix OSes over PC OSes in this area.



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