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SubjectMad OOM killer on the loose...
While trying to resolve a deeply bizarre oops (happened when dialing one
ISP but not another) on my athlon 550/200M ram:

I downloaded and compiled 2.4.10.
After compiling, my first impression was that it wasn't as snappy as
2.4.0-test7 that I'd been using before.
Second impression was that as I started running edonkey (p2p file
sharing program) root-owned processes were getting killed, in order to
cache the data being read by edonkey, while hashig it's temporary files.
(these files have lots of holes, if that might be important)

There were about 40M worth of real programs running, and 150Mb available
for cache.
9 times out of 10, edonkey will now crash on startup (it's RSS is only
perhaps 4M), often taking other processes some owned by root with it.
When this first manifested, I saw
__alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x1d 2/0) from c012a718
(seems to be the address of _alloc_pages)
Sep 30 07:55:25 mauve last message repeated 4 times

While trying to see if I could fix this somewhat, I found someone had
absconded with /proc/sys/vm/freepages.
Is there any documentation on the new way?
(I was reading Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt)

(I was reading Documentation/sys/vm.txt
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