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SubjectRe: [OT] New Anti-Terrorism Law makes "hacking" punishable by lifein prison

>>Don't forget the management that is interested in paper skills, rather
>>than ability to do the job. Unless you can add some things on paper,
>>like particular certifications, you can't even get an interview.
> Quick survey:
> How many people here really want to work at a company where
> management tosses resumes that don't say MCSE or CCNA or RHCE?

The outcome of that is really irrelevant IMHO. People have to woro to
make money to live. Agreeing with management of the company you work for
(not just in this issue) is often not the defining point behind getting
a job at said company or not.

You can get a job at company A _NOW_ so you can pay your bills etc or
you can get a job at company B in 6 months making you not be able to pay
your bills in that time. I'm sure most would get the job at company A
and in the meanwhile look for company B which may or may not come. These
are harder economical times than before.

It's the 'I don't agree with company policy on X' that makes it 'us vs
them' quite often.

The same question can be applied on 'How many want to live in a country
where the leaders have X, pass law Y or something?'. Same question
really. The answer often lies in : There's no real way of changing it.
Sure, go vote and stuff. Change it that way. It makes a difference,
albeit some would argue the change is minimal.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not the anarchist type or anything, I just
don't see the relevance of said question cause morally most would say
"of course I don't want to work at said company!" but reality dictates
that sometimes people have no choice.

// Stefan

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