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SubjectRe: Multiple monitors
On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Simon Hay wrote:

> Hi all,
> Apologies in advance if this is a question that's already been answered
> somewhere...I'm looking for a way to install multiple (or rather, two)
> PCI/AGP cards in a machine and connect a monitor to each one, and use
> them both *in console mode* - preferably with some nice way to say
> 'assign virtual console 2 to the first screen, and 5 to the second' -
> that way you could have one tailing log files, showing 'top', whatever.
> A quick search of the web/newsgroups turned up various patches that
> looked ideal, but a closer inspection revealed that they either relied
> on you having a Hercules mono card, or only applied against kernel
> <0.99, or both...I was just wondering if anyone's thought
> about/written a similar patch for more recent hardware/versions?I was
> using a console Linux machine running BB (ASCII art demo -
> just to attract attention to our
> stand today and was thinking it would be really neat to have one machine
> driving several screens...

If you want only textmode, look at nvvgacon
this module enables text console on secondary nvidia cards. I think it
only works on riva128 now, but it should be easy to add support for tnt
and later. If you also want to use a second keyboard, There is also
ps2key, usb2key, to emulate a second console (from user space) with a
keyboard connected to usb or to ps/2 mouse port.

Matan Ziv-Av.

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