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SubjectRe: Sound Blaster Live - OSS or Not?
On 3 Sep 2001, Robert Love wrote:

> On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 18:26, Thiago Vinhas de Moraes wrote:
> > > Use the alsa driver from
> > Why isn't it on the kernel tree?
> Because ALSA is not in the kernel tree. ALSA is a completely different
> sound system from OSS, and ALSA is not in the tree. Many find ALSA
> superior, and suggest it replace OSS. ALSA may find its way into the
> tree during 2.5.
> Of note, I don't know why SBLive does not work w/o these drivers. SBLive
> in the kernel tree is very functional, and the OSS version should work
> fine (assuming the game works with OSS).

I'm also experiencing problems with Q3A and SB Live! It worked fine for
me before 2.4.9, but now with the "new" emu10k1 drivers it segfaults.

I already reported this earlier when 2.4.8-ac tree included the new
emu10k1 drivers but nothing came of it. Then Alan Cox reverted the drivers
and it worked fine. Now with 2.4.9 it segaults again.

I'll have to give the alsa drivers a try I guess.

Garett Spencley

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