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SubjectRe: pci_alloc_consistent for small allocations?
> 	In looking at the ieee1394 OHCI driver, I noticed that it
> appears to make 104 calls to pci_alloc_consistent for data structures
> that are 16 or 64 bytes. Currently, on x86, pci_alloc_consistent
> allocates at least one full page per call, so it looks like the
> ohci1394 driver allocates 416kB per controller as a result of these
> data structures.

Sounds you are looking at a very obsolete codebase -or-
something backed out pci_pool_alloc()/pci_pool_free()
from the recent kernel...

If you can reproduce this on 2.4.8, send me a note
with detailed description of whatever you were doing
to get your number 104, I'll fix or disspel it.

-- Pete
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