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Subjectpmap revisited
             Ashes on my head guys...
Gotta wrong results in my previous perftest... (slightly different
environments), so these are to be sure that on low VM load there isnt
any significant difference...

Here are new and revisited. Actually i maked sure that the environments
differs only in kernels...

Bonus: two bugs! :)
1. Quintela`s (shmtest of memtest) and pmap{2,3} == 100% instant deadlock
plain ac12 demonstrates ignorance.
2. Swapoff oops 100% - only in pmap3! (okay, swapoff of reiserfs
to be strict, but i think that doesnt actually matters)
swapoff oops will be in next mail.

Revisited results:

time find / -xdev - done 5 times
pmap 3
real 1m5.175s
real 1m4.699s
real 1m3.579s
pmap 2
real 1m5.039s
real 1m4.779s
real 1m4.506s
real 1m4.820s
real 1m4.433s
real 1m4.285s

* fillmem == (fillmem of memtest)
* dont count on differences - they are quite flaky, one is only known:
there are no much difference anyways...
time fillmem - done 7 times, still giving strange results sometimes...
pmap 3
real 1m2.709s
real 1m2.417s
real 1m1.371s
real 1m1.241s
real 1m0.235s
(1m3.~, 1m4.5~) - add results
pmap 2
real 1m5.294s
real 1m5.169s
real 1m4.431s
real 1m3.878s
real 1m3.523s
(1m6.~, 1m0.~, 1m3.355) - add results
real 1m1.570s
real 1m1.063s
real 1m1.007s
real 1m0.201s
real 0m59.677s

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