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SubjectRe: Announce loop-AES-v1.4d file/swap crypto package
Jari Ruusu wrote:
> In short: If file and swap crypto is all you need, this package is a hassle
> free replacement for international crypto patch and HVR's crypto-api.

Some comments about the packaging (which I made once before).

1) It claims to allow you to specify the kernel sources dir, but it then
runs 'depmod' without a nominated version which is only valid if you
are building for the running kernel. I now have it doing
depmod -ae $(KERNELRELEASE)

2) 'make' will also install the module. It would be nice to have an
explicit 'make install' instead.

3) The module is installed as loop.o, same as the standard kernel
module. I prefer to use different names for added modules.

Also, it ends up in
which is fine for 2.2, but 2.4 uses
so you now have two loop.o - do you know which one will be loaded?

I changed it to install as loop-aes.o:
cp -p loop.o $(ML)/kernel/drivers/block/loop-aes.o
and I can now select a module in the modules config.

Eyal Lebedinsky ( <>
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