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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cpuid/msr + devfs
Philipp Matthias Hahn writes:
> Hello Richard, LKML!
> Back in 2000 Philip Langdale posted a patch to make
> arch/i386/kernel/{cpuid,msr}.c devfs aware. Richard Gooch had some
> comments for him but I never saw an "improved" patch.
> I tried to clean it up a little bit and it look's better, but here are the
> things I don't like myself:
> - Do we need to keep cpu_devfs_handle or should we re-find it on
> unregister?

Better to have a central place which creates per-CPU directories,
which you can call into and grab a directory for a CPU.

> - There is no devfs_unregister_series.

Correct. I'm not sure that we really want one, either.

> - Shouldn't we register_chrdev() "cpu/%d/cpuid"?

You could if you want.

> - "cpu/%d" directoried are never removed on unregister.

Such directories should only be removed when a CPU is removed. And to
support that, you need the CPU hotplug patch.


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