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SubjectRe: Multiple monitors
> > XFree86 has pretty good support for multiple heads.
> >
> > If you tie an xterm to the root window, I guess you would get something
> > pretty close to what you're looking for. Or, configure some window manager
> > properly to do exactly what you want.
> >
> I had considered doing that - I believe that some of the framebuffer
> code supports multiple heads as well(?) - but in this particular case it
> wasn't appropriate - the whole point was to demonstrate what could be
> achieved using only a command line ;-) Also, though, on dedicated servers
> etc. I'd rather not be running X if I didn't have to. Would this be a
> particularly difficult thing to implement as a kernel patch? I'd like to
> try to get involved in kernel development at some point and am looking for
> something to ease myself in slowly - preferably something useful but
> unimportant ;-) Are there any show stoppers involved here - or does
> anyone have any other ideas?

I thought of doing something like this but using a matrox g400 or g450 dual
head card. primary would be for X, secondary would be a console. Not sure
if that's more difficult or not. Something I'd like to have, however.

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