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I have just two questions regarding parallel port support with my
Via686a chipset:

#1) EPP is no longer listed as supported transfer mode, but it used
to be.

#2) What is that "Can't probe parallel port" message?


PnPBIOS: Parport found PNPBIOS PNP0401 at io=0378,0778 irq=7 dma=3
0x378: FIFO is 16 bytes
0x378: writeIntrThreshold is 8
0x378: readIntrThreshold is 8
0x378: PWord is 8 bits
0x378: Interrupts are ISA-Pulses
0x378: ECP port cfgA=0x10 cfgB=0x00
0x378: ECP settings irq=<none or set by other means> dma=<none or set by other means>
parport0: PC-style at 0x378 (0x778), irq 7, dma 3 [PCSPP,TRISTATE,COMPAT,ECP,DMA]
parport0: cpp_daisy: aa5500ff(88)
parport0: assign_addrs: aa5500ff(88)
parport0: Printer, Hewlett-Packard HP LaserJet 6L
parport_pc: Strange, can't probe Via 686A parallel port: io=0x378, irq=7, dma=3
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