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SubjectPROBLEM: AST P/75 causes Machine Check Exception type 0x9 on v2.4.10
Booting an AST Bravo P/75 with kernel v2.4.10 results in a "CPU#0
Machine Check Exception: 0x10C938 (type: 0x9)".

The AST Bravo P/75
boots fine on a v2.2.19pre17-kernel but both v2.4.10 and v2.4.9 causes
the Machine Check Exception-error with either of the config options
M586TSC, M586, or M386 set. A TB from AST
<> reports a problem
with parity checking using Netware on a number of AST Pentium computers,
caused by the cache parity bit connector to the Pentium processor isn't
connected to the cache. I have not found any information if this is also
the case of the Bravo P/75.

2.4.10, Machine Check Exception, AST Bravo P/75.

Daniel Elvin

Daniel Elvin
Flojtvagen 8B phone: +46 708 159351
SE-224 68 Lund
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