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SubjectRe: Question: Etherenet Link Detection
Ben Greear wrote:

> Peter Sandstrom wrote:
>>I know for sure that the Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet embedded controller
>>has a register where it's possible to read out if the link led is active
>>or not. It seems quite likely that this would be available on other
>>controllers as well.
>>Is there any functionality in the current kernel that enables a userland
>>program to read this? I mostly turn my machines on and and let them do
>>their thing until the hardware fails :)
> You can get this information out of any NIC that supports
> the mii-diag protocols. The two I've used are the eepro100
> and tulip drivers...
> You can read Becker's mii-diag source for the gory details!
> Ben

Thaniks, all who replied.

A little clarification on my project:

I'm going to try to build a userland app that manages several different
network profiles and watches the ethernet port and notifies the user of
a disconnect. If the user wishes, it will be configured to unload the
network profile upon disconnect (to avoid long timeouts) and upon
reconnction, reload that profile. A few simple subnet detection
algorithms would try to intelligently load the correct profile. This is
mainly a useful solution for mobile users who have to have different
set-ups for networking. It looks like the mii-diag from Becker is going
to work great (thanks, all who pointed me there), and is the last
component I needed to get started. I may put the project up on
sourceforge as my coding skills are new and weak. Thanks for the info.

As a side note, any chance such monitoring tools/interfaces might go
into a later 2.4 or 2.5 kernel and be available in the /proc fs? That
would be a much more elegant solution, from a user's standpoint. Again,
thanks, all!

Robert Cantu

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