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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.10
In message <>, "George R. Kasica" wro
>I'm currently running 2.4.5 here and I'm considering 2.4.10 but am
>somewhat more nervous about this release than others based on the
>number of reports of problems I'm seeing...
>What would be the advice of others in terms of moving up from 2.4.5
>which has been rock solid here?
>Would you recommend doing the upgrade or waiting for 2.4.11 or is
>there a middle ground release (2.4.6,7,8,9) that you'd recommend.

I tried all from 2.4.5 up to 2.4.10 (and also some before) running on several
machines :
- an Athlon 900, an AMD K6 300 : no problems (being 2.4.10
subjectively slightly faster than before)
- an Pentium 90 : 2.4.6-2.4.9 just didn't want to boot - no damage.

IMHO : Just try it.

Bernd Petrovitsch Email :
g.a.m.s gmbh Fax : +43 1 205255-900
Prinz-Eugen-Straße 8 A-1040 Vienna/Austria/Europe

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