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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Mounting /dev/hdh1 deletes /dev/hda1

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Morten Green Hermansen wrote:

> 2. I have inserted a new PCI based IDE adapter so I am able to use 8 IDE
> disks. When mounting them one of the disks on the second controller
> over-shadows a disk on the first (build-in)

I really doubt it.


> [root@calithturon scripts]# df | grep hdh
> /dev/hdh1 3111408 2448976 504380 83% /
> /dev/hdh1 1771928 752468 929448 45% /mnt/hdh
> (Now hdh1 has shadowed hda1. hdh1 is listed two times and with two different
> disk sizes)
> See this:
> [root@calithturon scripts]# umount /dev/hda1 (which used to be /)
> umount: /dev/hda1: not mounted

So you've got /etc/mtab fucked up. Both umount(8) and df(1) read it
to find the set of mountpoints _and_ to get information about the
stuff mounted there. Information left there by mount(8).

Check the contents of /etc/mtab and /proc/mounts. If the latter contains
two lines with hdh1 - you've got a kernel bug. If doesn't and /etc/mtab
does - userland bug in mount(8), talk to util-linux maintainer.

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