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SubjectRe: Implementing a new network based file system
> Jan Harkes mentioned that getattr() don't have to be implemented (and 
> isn't implemented by nfs, smbfs and coda). Where do the VFS knows
> about the attributes the users see? I haven't found any function in
> inode_operation which gets a struct iattr* as parameter except
> getattr() and setattr().

It should use getattr, but it merely reads them directly from the
inode structure. You just have to keep it up-to-date

> I suppose readpage() is handled in the same way. What about syncpage?

Readpage is is similar, except there's nothing like prepare and commit read.

I have not understood syncpage yet. Maybe someone else could elighten this bit.

> I have another question about the file_operations: How is locking
> (file locking => file_operations->lock()) done by the VFS. I've read
> about there is a flag in the inode structure which is set by flock().
> But this lock isn't known by the server. Is file_operations->lock()
> called when defined?

Have not get to this yet either.

- Jan Hudec `Bulb' <>
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