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SubjectRE: apm suspend broken in 2.4.10
From: Randy.Dunlap []

> > -0xe1a
> {little-endian n[iy]bbles ?}

It's just the closest I can get to my own name in hex. ;)

> Sounds like our 2.4.10's are different then. :)

It's possible... I got mine from, applied the preemptible-kernel
and ext3fs patches, and compiled with RH's "kgcc"

> Without this patch, mine didn't create /proc/apm, register as a
> misc device, or create the kapmd-idle kernel thread.
> Must be a distro thingy.

Did you have apm=on set before, or nothing at all? Here's what I've seen so

In all cases, I've got apm compiled into the kernel, not a module.

- With 2.4.10, Before your patch, with no apm= option in the kernel command
line, APM in general works, but suspend doesn't. When I append apm=on or
apm=off to my kernel command line, APM is disabled.
- With 2.4.10, After applying your patch, apm=on no longer disables APM, but
suspend still doesn't work.

> Return of EAGAIN from the SUSPEND ioctl means that
> send_event() failed, which means that some device driver
> didn't want suspend to happen...which means that some
> device driver got changed. :(

Just for fun, I tried removing all of my loaded 2.4.10 modules one by one,
and attempting 'apm --suspend' in between, and still had the same problem
when I got down to the bare minimum (ext3 and jbd)

> What was the last working kernel AFAUK (for this APM stuff)?

I just checked, and the RH-compiled 2.4.9-0.5 doesn't suspend either. It
appears to suffer from the same "apm=on" command-line bug too. I'm gonna go
try the 2.4.7 from RH's "Roswell" beta now.

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