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SubjectRe: Asus CUV266-D problems
The CUV266-D is indeed in wide production, and i bought it from Unfortunately that site is here in Norway.
I am sure several international sites sell it aswell.

The CUV266-DLS is also available from that page, and they even
have them in stock..

When I'm looking at the lspci -v output, i keep wondering why two
of the chips read "Unknown device 8064".. Shouldn't this be fixed
by a kernel maintainer?

I'll send you the .config tomorrow, and I'll test the 1004 bios version then
too, as i'm not at work today.. =/

- Hans K. aka Dead2

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jordan Breeding" <>
> Sorry to bother you again so quickly, do you know if this board is in
> wide production yet, specifically the CUV266-DLS? Did you have to buy
> yours or did you get a testing copy, if you had to buy yours do you mind
> my asking where you got it? Also if you wouldn't mind sending me your
> .config from your 2.4.10 kernel I would like to check some options to do
> with your problem. Thanks.
> Jordan
> Jordan Breeding wrote:
> >
> > Sorry I can't provide any help about the CUV266-D, however I have been
> > waiting for some time for this board to come out. I have a Tyan Tiger
> > 230 currently but wanted a 266 chipset and also onboard scsi. I didn't
> > really feel completely comfortable with the LSI chipset on the
> > CUV4X-DLS, so I was very glad to hear that the DLS version of the CUV266
> > is supposed to have an Adaptec SCSI chipset. Do you know where I can
> > find any further information on either of the boards, the CUV266-D or
> > the DLS, also where are they available to be bought?
> >
> > Jordan
> >
> > P.S. - I didn't see a 1003 version of the -D bios at but
> > I did see a 1004 version. I also did not see a DLS bios listed at all,
> > this board is hinted at and has basic specs listed at several sites on
> > the internet, does it exist, can it be bought? Thanks for any
> > information that you can give me about the CUV266-DLS. BTW, the
> > unexpected APIC thing is no big deal, it is saying that one of the
> > registers of the APIC stuff is set to something that was unexpected, it
> > happens on almost all current SMP boards I have worked with.
> >

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